About Us

KORONTINIS is a modern commercial enterprise in the market field of building and insulating materials, as well as ground excavations and excavating equipment. It was founded in 1980. Korontinis enterprise is situated in four different privately-owned venues of 26.000 square meters in total. It incorporates a variety of building materials, flooring materials, stones used for building, drying materials, gypsum concrete, fireplaces, barbecue grillers, small sized ovens, bricks, tiles, and a large variety of inert materials and ceramic objects.

KORONTINIS offers the best quality to its customers by thoroughly evaluating and selecting building products, most of which come with ISO quality certificates.

The enterprise bases its functionality in the following principals:.
  Immediate delivery to the customer's premices
  Affordable prices
  Top level cooperation with our customers
  After a long term effort and hard work, the enterprise has become the leader in building materials in the area of Ermionida. Experienced stuff will always assist the customer to choose an appropriate and affordable solution.